Another round


24 March 2012

Yes,I'm mixing again.I loved it so much the last time that I had to do it again.You should try it,life is way more fun when you're taking risks!;)
A loooot of you asked me about the pants from the last post,I always write what I was wearing under the last picture,but now I'll move it to the end of the post,it seems that a lot of you don't pay attention to that:p So,the pants are from the site Sugarlips and you can get them here.
Today I'm packing my things and going in Berlin with hubby tomorrow!We decided to take a road trip-few days in Berlin and few days in Prague.Sooo excited!Berlin is on top of my list "Must see places".
And moving on to the thing you're most interested about,the winner of the OASAP giveaway is Ksenija Vulovic.E mail is on your way,honey!
Sorry to the rest of you guys,more luck next time!;)

Pants-H&M/ Blouse-ZARA/ Shoes-STRADIVARIUS/


  1. uuuu volim volim volim! :)))))

    bas bas kako treba! Chak se jedna blogerka obukta slicno pa sam taj fotos drzala na pozadini moba... sad cu tebe :)))

  2. You really amaze me! I wish I could mix patterns like you can =)

    - Victoria

  3. Youuuu are looking amazing my lovely!!! Love the two florals together especially in the edgy,chic manner you've styled them in :)

    Take care and enjoy your weekend,Daniella xox

  4. aaaa divno je. :) obozavam kombinaciju dva cvetna printa odjednom.

  5. volim i ovaj mix 2......odlicno B...srecan put i divan provod zelim....

  6. I think I'm having a floral heart attack. Lovelovelove this!

  7. I love flower prints, and i love this h&m pants! great outfit!

    My ♥ Passion

  8. i cvece i ambijent .. sve je za 101

  9. Love this outfit, great combination of floral prints! <3


  10. You look gorgeous! I love that combination of floral prints!

  11. florals on florals and looking GOOOOOOD xx

  12. Fantastic look, very much in love with florals too myself! :)

    Marcella x

  13. Haha, videla sam ono Ksenija i preseklo me malo... Aaaaaali ne...

    A inace, savrseno kao i uvek :D

  14. I featured this look of yours in my blog post about these amazing H&M floral pants :)
    Here's the link to the post if you're interested: HM Floral Pants
    Of course I posted a link to your blog!
    Keep up the great looks <3
    Rio from FashionBento

  15. Amazing floral combination! Love how you matched floral suit with classic pumps and great haircut!

  16. Awesome! Love how you styled these pants with the floral top! I have the same pair and am starting a collage on the bloggers who I love who styled these pants! Would love to include one of your photos! Please let me know if that's not okay. I will link back to your blog of course!